Workshop: Dementia Communication Techniques

Need help communicating with someone with Alzheimer’s Disease or dementia?

These informative, casual, low-cost workshops are held in my downtown San Francisco office for non-professional, family caregivers.  We discuss and practice techniques for better communications with an aging family member, or friend who has a dementia causing illness.

These workshops are part of the therapeutic services offered to family caregivers through Michael Milazzo’s private San Francisco therapy practice. Space is limited! Please use the form below for to receive more information on how to reserve the next available spot in an upcoming workshop.

Some Topics Commonly Covered:

  • Working with resistance and fear
  • Managing delusions
  • Why affirming one’s reality is better than correcting it
  • What to do when rational arguments don’t work
  • Avoiding arguments and lowing tension

When: This workshop is held one to two Thursdays per month based on participation.
More times and dates may be added based on demand.
Contact Michael to find out when the next workshops are available.

Cost: $35 per person

Location: Downtown San Francisco
The Merchants Exchange Building
465 California Street Suite 630
San Francisco, CA 94104
Please call or text Michael at 415-938-4555 — or sign up for more information below.


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