Free Dementia Discussion Group

Please join this complementary and informative San Francisco dementia discussion group led by, Marriage and Family Therapist, and Case Manager, Michael Milazzo, MA, MFT.

This open forum is held regularly, with accommodations graciously provided by Coventry Place, Cypress Golden Gate, and Rhoda Goldman Plaza in San Francisco:

Group Description:

Caring for someone with Alzheimer’s or other dementias can be extremely demanding. Most family caregivers experience caregiver burnout long before considering home care, dementia care, or seeking professional help. These groups provides a safe and confidential venue for you to talk and learn about dementia care.

These discussions are full of information, practical tips, and ideas on dementia care. Family, friends, or anyone who is caring for someone with a dementia causing illness are encouraged to attend.


Coventry Place – 1550 Sutter Street – San Francisco, CA 94109

Cypress Golden Gate – 1901 19th Ave – San Francisco, CA 94122

Rhoda Goldman Plaza – 2180 Post Street – San Francisco, CA 94115

To Find Out When…

These discussion groups happen several times a month, and alternate between the two locations. To learn when and where the next group opening will be, email Michael for more information, call or text 415-938-4555.


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