Family Caregiver Support

Self care for the caregiver:

I provide one-on-one therapy rooted in a deep understanding of how illness can effect the sufferer, caregiver, and family. Our goal is to find balance, and return from caregiver burnout, or better yet, avoid burnout altogether.

  • Finding coping strategies
  • Redefine roles and boundaries
  • Processing one’s own health & mortality
  • Processing grief and loss
  • How to talk about caregiving with friends
  • How to ask for help

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Family caregivers provide extremely valuable services to those people that they care for, but they almost always forget to care for themselves. Caregiver burnout is almost inevitable as the balance and boundaries between the needs of the person needing cared, and the needs of the caregiver blur. Caregivers find themselves exhausted, depressed, neglecting their relationships, families, and jobs. They often don’t know who to turn to, or how to ask for help.

Michael Milazzo is here to help family caregivers find balance again. How to ask for help. Where to find help. How to redefine boundaries, and tap into coping skills necessary to maintain quality of life for the caregiver and the person they care for.

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