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Michael Milazzo, MFT offers several events in San Francisco every month. He serves Bay Area singles, and caregivers who feel that they want a little more support, or maybe just a few new ideas on their approach.


Upcoming Community Events

I offer several low-cost, and free events every month because I truly enjoy sharing helpful knowledge, and techniques with my community. Check back here, or sign up for the events that interest you. Contact me anytime to find our more about me, these events, and my practice. Continue reading “Workshops & Events”

Community Workshop: Finding Mr/Mrs Right

A Workshop on Love & Dating in the App Age

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Last Event: Monday, March 21, 2016 from 7pm to 9 pm in San Francisco
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While technology is great for bringing us together, it does NOT help us connect meaningfully. At best, app/online dating has opened us up to meeting more people than ever before. At worst, apps/websites may inadvertently wire us in a way that confuses our search for connection, relationship, and love.

Who Should Check Out This Workshop?

If you feel like the interesting people are all taken, and the available people aren’t interesting. If you are tired of having the same first date over, and over again.

Whether or not you use dating websites or dating apps, this workshop is designed to inform you about how the modernization of meeting a mate has changed the face of dating, coupling, and long term relationship.
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App Age Dating Workshop

This isn’t a workshop to get you better results online
This is a workshop that will help get better results in real life

Workshop Goals

  1. To empower you with information on the advantages, & pitfalls of online/app dating
  2. To help you define what you value in a date, and what you value in a mate
  3. To create a value-driven plan for meeting people, and dating
  4. To avoid/recover from feeling hopeless about meeting quality people

Free workshops held throughout San Francisco.
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Filling out the form below does not guarantee a space in this workshop. After filling out the form and questionnaire below, someone will contact you about available workshop, times, and locations.

About the Facilitator

Michael Milazzo, MA, MFT has nearly a decade of experience leading groups, workshops, trainings, and private one-on-one therapy/coaching. Michael is a licensed California MFT (#80088). He aims to help the community by addressing challenges specific to San Francisco and Bay Area residents seeking, building, and maintaining successful relationships.

Free Dementia Discussion Group

Upcoming meetings

These groups happen up to five times a month. Please call or contact me to see if there is a location and time that works for you.

Please join this complementary and informative San Francisco dementia discussion group led by, Marriage and Family Therapist, and Case Manager, Michael Milazzo, MA, MFT. 

Caring for someone with Alzheimer’s or other dementias can be extremely demanding. Most family caregivers experience caregiver burnout long before considering home care, dementia care, or seeking help. These groups are a safe, and confidential place for you to talk and learn about dementia care and coping.

About the Moderator:
Michael has led groups like these for more than 8 years in three licensed San Francisco RCFE’s (Residential Care Facilities for the Elderly). He also leads private/group trainings, and one-on-one counseling and coaching for professional and family caregivers.

RSVP For This Group -or- Find About Other Groups…

To learn when and where the next opening will be, email Michael for more information, call or text 415-938-4555.