Community Workshop: Finding Mr/Mrs Right

A Workshop on Love & Dating in the App Age

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Last Event: Monday, March 21, 2016 from 7pm to 9 pm in San Francisco
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While technology is great for bringing us together, it does NOT help us connect meaningfully. At best, app/online dating has opened us up to meeting more people than ever before. At worst, apps/websites may inadvertently wire us in a way that confuses our search for connection, relationship, and love.

Who Should Check Out This Workshop?

If you feel like the interesting people are all taken, and the available people aren’t interesting. If you are tired of having the same first date over, and over again.

Whether or not you use dating websites or dating apps, this workshop is designed to inform you about how the modernization of meeting a mate has changed the face of dating, coupling, and long term relationship.

Workshop Goal

  1. To avoid, or start recovering from feeling hopeless about meeting quality people
  2. Open up thought and discussion on modern dating
  3. How to stay on target in a world full of distractions

Free workshops held throughout San Francisco.
Space is limited, you must pre-register below or call me 415-938-4555!

Filling out the form below does not guarantee a space in this workshop. After filling out the form and questionnaire below, You will be contact you about available workshop, times, and locations.

About the Facilitator

Michael Milazzo, MA, MFT has nearly a decade of experience running groups, workshops, and one-on-one trainings. Michael is a licensed California Marriage and Family Therapist (#80088). His private psychotherapy practice in downtown San Francisco, and now in The Castro where he hopes to better help his community by addressing challenges specific to people building and maintaining successful relationships.


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