Safer Plastics + 7 Ways to Reduce Exposure

It seems like we can’t escape plastic. Its everywhere, and It just isn’t as safe as the industry or the FDA have led us to believe. Read about less-toxic plastics and a few ideas on how to avoid plastic in general.


It seems like we can’t escape plastic. It’s everywhere. Most of our food is packaged in it, and lets face it, it just isn’t as safe as the industry or the FDA have led us to believe. I’ve been aware of the long frustrating debate about plastics’ effects on our and our children’s bodies, so I thought I’d share this article that I just ran across on Simple Organic Living that might act as a good rule of thumb .. at least until more damningĀ evidence comes out against plastic packaging and bottles.

This article is not sourced; however, there are several sources provided in the comments on the original post at Simple Organic Living.


  • The least toxic (not non-toxic) plastic is, HDPE (#2 symbol) and PP (#5 symbol.
  • The most toxic is PETE (#1 symbol), PVC (#3 symbol), PS (#6 symbol) PC (#7 symbol) and packaging with no symbol at all

THE ADVICE: avoid plastic when you can.

  1. Buy a glass water bottle or less toxic plastic reusable water bottle. Labels like “BPA Free” on “safe” plastic bottles don’t necessarily mean non-toxic, inĀ many cases the industry replaced BPA with even moreĀ harmfulĀ chemicals.
  2. Use a filtration system at home if you don’t like your tap water
  3. Do not heat or microwave food/liquids in plastic containers, transfer items to microwave safe glass or ceramic, or heat in a pot/pan on the stove/oven
  4. Do not use an insulated mug/thermos with a plastic interior (stainless steel is a better, glass is the best)
  5. Use glass storage containers at home. Yes, the lids are still plastic, but contact with the plastic is reduced drastically, and a piece of waxed paper can be used to further protect your left-overs from touching the offending substance.
  6. Try to only drink water from a plastic bottle when there is no other option available
  7. Use wax paper bags in sack lunches for kids and adults

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One thought on “Safer Plastics + 7 Ways to Reduce Exposure

  1. About 3 years or more ago with much encouragement I started using glass containers for all my left overs as well as anything I could transfer from unsafe containers. I buy frozen veggies except for a very few such as tomato products and when in season fresh veggies I freeze myself which controls the salt and preservatives. I no longer heat or cook (microwave) in plastic, thanks to information like this article.

    I have been following your articles so please keep them coming they have been very helpful.

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