New Tech: Affordable Hearing Aid

Image from Sound World Solutions

This is exactly the kind of wellness-tech I love: accessible wellness technology. Take a look (or listen) to this NPR report on a new affordable hearing aid that is completely adjustable using your own smart phone or computer.  Developed by a Chicago-based company called Sound World Solutions, bring the cost of their assistive hearing device from thousands of dollars down to $299 per ear. While the rest of the hearing aid manufacturers base their strategy on high profits and low yield, SWS uses available technology to produce a high quality product that people can afford. 

Hearing loss can be more devastating than many people think. It can be very isolating which affects mood, activity level, and overall health. Furthermore, being cut off socially is probably the last thing someone with mild cognitive impairment or dementia needs.

Image from Sound World Solutions

While the customizable features of this product may be difficult for someone with dementia to manage on their own, it may be a more elegant and useful option to the shrill and uncomfortable sound amplifiers currently available on the market (priced at around $100 per unit).

NPR Transcript:


2 thoughts on “New Tech: Affordable Hearing Aid

  1. This was very informative. I’m looking forward to more information, because as a retired couple the cost of the hearing aid discourages us from looking into them.

    Great blog!

    1. Thanks Mom. I plan to post about an online cognitive training system designed to increase hearing acuity without the use of a hearing aid. You guys may have to be my test subjects.

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